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From: arthur
Subject: flights of fancy part 6 FLIGHTS OF FANCY Part Six By ArthurAuthors note:
Seasons Greetings to all my readers and may the New Year be
a good and happy one for you all.
Now that all of the rush and hurry is out of the way I am able
to get back to writing and I hope I can bring everything up to
date for you over the next few days.
Thank you all for your patience.
Morning came like no other I could remember, the feel of a soft brown body
entangled with my own, the heat of a breath on my shoulder, the smell of
shampoo in my nostrils with the underlying odour of lust long spent was
like a new begining for my senses as I leaned back to take another look at
Tio as he lay there sleeping next to me, peace written on his face, so
young and yet so wise, his slimness innocent nymphet little young nymphette seemingly able to fit into my form as
naturally as if he'd been born to be there, I breathed a sigh as I looked
at him, really seeing him for the first time, not just the beautiful slim
firmness of his body nor the handsome and pert features but the man
underneath it all, a certain set of the jaw with a hint of smiling junior nymphet pic
hidden now by sleep or so I thought."You like what you see?"The softly spoken words took me by surprise as his lids lifted revealing
those intense eyes that told of warriors past and love to come."I'll always like what I see in the morning now that you're here with me
tio.""Same here."Tio lifted up with a small groan to lean back and look at me."You ok Tio, are you sore?""Yes James, just a little, down there, but it's nice to in a way.""We can take it easy for a while if you'd rather, you took a lot last night
for your first time.""No I love you and want more of you, will you fill me like last night
again?""I'll always make love to you Tio, I don't want to just have sex, I want
you to feel good about it and to know I mean it with love.""Thats how it felt last night, I can still feel you in me now but I should
go to the Wharepaku for a minute, then I want you to do it again, now, this
morning.""You sure Tio, you must be very sore?""Yes I'm sure, if you do it slowly I'll be ok with it.""Ok you go and have a clean out then we'll see how you feel.""I'll feel the same, I just need you inside me.""Ok my love then thats what you sweet innocent nymphets shall have."Tio rose from the bed beside me and made his way to the toilet, his caramel
skin showing his muscles sliding underneath as sweet innocent nymphets
he moved with grace and
fluidity toward the doorway, he looked over his shoulder as he reached the
door, lifted an eyebrow and smiled at me with a hint of a lear in his eyes
then disappeared down the hallway, he was moving a little gingerly but what
could you expect after what he'd done nymphet virgin pussy mpegs last night, the first time was always
hard and I knew that if we followed his plans for this morning then I would
have to be extra careful with him, I heard the flush lesbian nymphets ru of the toilet and then
he was entering nymphet galaries the bedroom once again, his smile said it all as he piled
into bed beside me."Make love to me James, long and slow?"Even the fact that I knew he was tender could not stop me from turning onto
my side to face him as he wrapped his arms around me and leaned in to kiss
me, his soft cherry red lips covering mine as he pushed against me, his
eyes bright and shining with desire as I ran my hands down his perfect body
feeling the muscles jump and contract as my hands ran over them.I lowered my right hand to his small tight butt cheek caressing it softly
as he squirmed beside me at the touch, I lay him on his back still kissing
him trying to taste his throat from the inside as I placed my left hand on
his very small nipples, they were the smallest I had ever seen, just
minature nubs on either side of his chest yet they seemed so sensitive for
him, he moaned as I lightly rubbed them with my thumb bringing them
upright, I felt his butt cheeks squeeze tight as I played with the two
delicate nubs.He began to rub harder with his dark brown shaft against my leg as I
stroked his butt slowly sliding my fingers into his crack gentley, feeling
my way downward until I felt the heat of his hole under my forefinger, not
wanting to give him pain I pressed as lightly as I could onto it, his
response was to try to push backward onto my digit but I knew to much would
hurt him and eased off so that I was just barely rubbing him, Tio tried to
suck my tongue down his throat as the sensations took over, I eased my
right hand away from his tender butt and ran it down his inner thigh as far
as I could reach and then back up again, massaging the muscles as he
relaxed into me, I was so hard I thought I would let go to early and then I
felt his hand tight around my scrotum as he squeezed enough to make me jump
a little, he lifted his mouth from mine."That was close wasn't it?""How did you know Tio?""Don't know, just felt I had to do it for you.""You did the right thing my love, I was so close.""Take me now, please, I need you in me now, please?""Wait, I'll get the lube, I want to use plenty for you, no more like last
night.""Yes ok, last night had to be done for my sake, don't blame youself, I love
you James.""I love you more than life itself, my little Tio, never again will you be
hurt."I reached into the bedside cabinet for the lube and taking a good amount on
my fingers began to ease it around and into his tight small hole, he winced
a little at the first entry of my finger and then relaxed as I slowed for
him, I worked more into him gentley easing his bud open with first one then
two fingers to make sure he was well coated inside with the lube."Now James, now please?""Yes my lovely Tio."I liberally covered my now raging member with lube and knelt between his
thighs as he lifted his butt for me pulling his legs back onto his chest,
my glans now at his point of entry, his eyes starting to glaze as he felt
me there, I eased inward feeling him trying to push outward with his
spincter muscles to allow me entry, my head slid in as he gave a gasp and
his abs flexed tight as nymphet virgin pussy mpegs he felt it, then his hands were on my shoulders
holding tight as he jetted a hot stream of cum over his chest and stomach
from the entry, his body shook and trembled as I tried to stop from pushing
in any further, his muscles clamping down hard on the ridge behind my
glans.It was over and he was covered with his hot juice, his eyes flicked open
almost begging me to enter him, his hands pulling and demanding I take him,
I stayed as I was just my head in him for a few seconds more then slowly
pushed just a little more into him, he smiled and nodded to keep going nude water nymphs but
I knew how tender he was inside and was not going to go any faster, I
pulled out a bit and then eased another inch into his hot and throbbing
hole as he pushed upward trying to take nacked nymphets pics
more than I was at that time
willing to give him, he looked into my eyes and then I could see he
understood why I was going so slow for him, he nodded again and smiled at
my concern for him, he mouthed the words, 'I love you' and began to stroke
my face with his hands as I eased back and forth to enter him a little at a
time, the lube was working to good effect as he seemed not to feel the same
pain as before, at last I was deep inside him, a soft purring sound came
from his red lips as he closed his eyes lost in the feeling of fullness he
now had.I lifted a russian nymphet pictures
little and photo nymphete
rolled him back onto his shoulders until I could hold
him comfortably with my forearms under his butt and my hands against his
lower back, leaning forward I reached for his motuh to kiss him as he
spread his legs a bit wider to accomodate the new position he was now in,
the action buried me deeper inside him and he wriggled upward with his butt
as I touched his prostate, his rod was hard and tight again, the head now
resting on his abdomin, his tight ball sack with its robins eggs almost
pulsing inside it was rubbing on my chest as I took his tongue in my mouth
to savour more of his special taste, nudists nymphets tgp
as I took my first slow withdrawl
until my glans were at his opening again he forced his tongue deeper than I
thought possible, his arms clamped tightly around my neck, pulling,
demanding, innocent nymphet crying out for that feeling to come again as I pushed back into
him until I was again buried deep inside this beautiful young man, my pubic
hair hard against his upturned butt cheeks, I then began all over gain with
the same action taking long slow deep strokes as he shuddered and moaned
with the extascy of the movement deep inside, I made sure his prostate was
hit on each downward stroke, his precum was flowing freely coating his
abdomin with more white juice as I stroked his pleasure spot.It needed all of my self control to not start to pound his tight butt with
hard forceful strokes but I knew he could not get any pleasure from that so
I kept it at a slow evenly paced stroke, his pleasure was all that
concerned me and my own as great as it was had to be secondary to his needs
this time, this was for him and him alone, I tried to concentrate on giving
him as much pleasure as I could and to that effect I had to retain control
of my desire to explode into him more than once, slowing my strokes until I
could regain control over my desire to cum into this most beautiful of
lovers.I lost count of the number of times I had to stop my self cumming and then
I could see he was at the stage where he wanted me to fill him full of my
love nymphette gallery toplist
and with a couple of harder pushes I yelled out loudly as I felt
myself jetson my load deep into his bowels, his groans and moans as he felt
me fill him with my juices caused him to once again cover his chest and
stomach with his own although of lesser amount now after his previous
outpourings."Oh god, oh god, James, James, I love you so much, never leave me?""Never my sweetest Tio, never."As I felt the last squirt enter him I collapsed down onto his chest as he
lowered his legs to the bed and turned sideways to keep me buried inside
him, his left leg coming over to cover my right hip and hooking over russian nymphet ru my
butt to keep me in there."Can we stay like this for a while James?""Yes honey, as long as you like.""I love you.""I love you to my sweet tio."I don't know how long we stayed there and frankly I didn't care, I was with
the young man I loved and thats all that counted, his needs and pleasure
had become my only concern, I had never met anyone who had ever projected
such love and trust sexy small nymphets as he did, he lay beside me the perspiration on his
forehead cooling as we lay there together, looking deep into each others
eyes, knowing our love for each other would never be broken, he murmered
into my neck where he had placed his head as top nymphet gallery we lay together, soft tender
words, some in english, some in maori, the intent in both languages the
same, words of final love and trust.I heard a rumbling in his stomach which reminded me that we had been here a
long time and it was time to think about breakfast or lunch or both,
depending on what time it was, I looked down at him as elite nymphets forum he snuggled closer I
was still deep inside him and he kept tightening his cheeks to keep me
there whenever he thought I might slip out of him."You're hungry love, better let me get something to eat for us.""I'm hungry for you is all.""Yes lover I know but I have to feed you or you'll fade away to a shadow
then I won't have the most perfect young man with me for long, what you
say?""It's so nice with you inside, I don't want to loose the feeling of you.""I know honey, but we have to eat, and you're a growing boy so I think we
better see if there's any daylight left out there.""Oh the daylight will wait for us James, I just love the little nu nymphets feel of you in
me.""Yes I know honey, but?""Ok, ready?""Ready??"Tio gave a sudden tug backward and the feeling he gave me as I popped out
of him was so intense I thought I was going to cum again at the sudden
extraction."Hehe, you like that?""Damn Tio you had me wanting to cum by doing that.""Thought you might like it, hehehe.""You my beautiful young man are going to be the death of me.""Hehehe, not for a while yet, remember my Koro said we have a long time
together, hehe, you're going to have to put up with more of that yet.""Ok Tiger, you want to have a shower while I see what we can have for
brunch?""OK, then you have yours while i do the coffee for you, or should we both
shower together, save some water or time?""I don't think we would save much water or time if we went in there
together, imp, and you know it, hahaha."Tio gave me a little boy lost look, then smiled as he jumped,(somewhat
gingerly) off the bed to head for the shower, I rolled over and got to my
feet as the pressure told me I hadn't had my moring pee yet and it was
getting urgent as nymphets agency I moved toward the bathroom to take care of it, from
behind the shower curtain that sweet voice piped up."Change your mind my love?"I laughed out loud as I sent a stream of very hot and urgent liquid into
the bowl of the toilet."As much nymphette gallery toplist as I would like to you imp, no I haven't.""Oh damn, there goes the neighbourhood, oh well after brunch will do then.""We'll have to see about that my boy.""Yes we will, my man, hehehe."I left the impish figure behind the curtain to see what was going to be for
our late breakfast/early lunch and went to the kitchen to begin, I don't
like the first meal of the day to be to heavy but at the same time I knew
that Tio would need a lot more than I was used to eating so I began with
the bacon and then scrambled some eggs for him while the toast was on, a
light salad as well should be enough for the both of us to fill up on, I
was about to put the coffee on when a pair of warm arms encircled my waist
and the fresh smell of soap and shampoo invaded my nostrils, a hot pair of
lips pressed against my neck as the hands worked their way up my chest."Thats my job, from now on I make all your coffee for you.""Ok my love it will always be special then, knowing you made it.""Good my lovely man, now go have your shower while I finish everything for
you.""Ok my love, thanks."I headed for the junior nymphet pic
shower but not before a hot pair of hands had nymphette gallery toplist caressed a
certain place before I moved giving me a shudder as I left him there by the
bench smiling that smile of promised lust and at the same time love, this
dream vision was all I could have ever desired, loving attentive, trusting
and passionate, my little Tio was the perfect partner russian nymphet ru for a man nymphets anime of my age
to ever want or need, I was still not sure what had happened for me to
deserve such a tender and loving person.After a shower and a very close shave I made my way back to the kitchen to
the smell of fresh brewed coffee with the added odour of bacon, eggs and
hot toast all neatly laid out on the table ready for us to eat, this boy of
mine was a marvel, nothing seemed to be any trouble to him and his
attention to the small details made my heart glow even more for him, he
offered me innocent nymphet a cup filled with the coffee as I sat down, one look and I knew
it was perfect, black, strong and when I tasted it the right amount of
sweetness, I reached for him and as he came into my arms I kissed him on
the lips."It's perfect my love, thank you.""Thats because I added nacked nymphets pics something special for you.""What was that, Tio?""Love, hehe.""Then I'll have the same every very young nymphet raped day from now on.""I'll make sure you do, love you James.""Love you Tio, now lets eat, I feel famished for some reason.""Hehehe, wonder why?""Yes I wonder why."We sat and ate, looking up at every mouth full to see each other across the
table not wanting to loose sight of each other for a minute, at last my
life was complete with this young man I had so easily fallen in love with,
our bond was way past physical although it was what brought us close on one
plain but there was the bonding of our minds and spirits that made us even
closer than the physical would ever make us.Tio smiled again at me as though he had read my thoughts and agreed with
them, his perceptions of our relationship was astounding to my older
senses, I had never met anyone like him for his depth of spiritual
understanding, his love permeated the kitchen as we sat and ate, lesbian nymphets ru the
feeling of rightness brought a peace to the house that I had not felt
before, his acceptance of the situation warmed me even more toward him as I
gazed into those eyes and watched as his lythe young body moved with the
ease and strength and purpose he showed in everything he did, I smiled at
him as he watched me."Love you.""Love you too."
To Be Continued:
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